Some colour to a grey week

10:36 AM Friday, February 19, 2010

Let each day be a unique entry in your life's diary
that impacts positively on those who have the privilege of sharing in it
instantly or in the future
Matilda Wemegah – Ghana 2007

It was a very grey week outside .....
but we had a lot of fun inside ….
brought some colour into our lifes with everything we did.

One sweet neighbour also dropped in with some homeless wool ….
my heart skipping with great ideas for it....
used my ball winder to do some magic ....
and now it's ready for some special treatment

Had some quality time with the kids and managed a lot of lovely baking,
fun playing, super swimming, exotic crafting with hama beads
and noodles and lots more …..

I have not finished as much of my own little projects this week,
but I'm smiling to a lovely week ahead.
Lovely weekend all.


  1. Jy is darem maar goed :)


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