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8:09 AM Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it.
No idleness; no laziness; no procrastination;
never put off till tomorrow what you can do today."
~Lord Chesterfield~
It was sort of a roller-coaster holiday, with all sorts of things that was different to what we will call holiday, but through everything I still had time to do what I love to do .... take some memories to look back onto.

The drive down south was not bad at all. The kids was amazing in the car and the roads was fine. So no worries there. We just stayed on the high ways so did not see that much of France's beautiful towns, hills, but we just wanted to get to our destination. But saying that - I'll do the drive again with the kids!

The first few days the wind was just terrible and enjoying the seaside was almost impossible. We thought if this is going to carry on for the whole time we're there, this is just not going to be nice. My husband's parents joined us after a few days. The wind still blowing. His dad did not feel well and was taken to hospital with chest pains and after a few hours, ended up getting 2 stents fitted. It was quite nerve wrecking to not understand the language well and not knowing what exactly is going on. So we ended up having hospital trips for the first week. I was glad that I had my crafty bag with me, so the time was well-used waiting in the car with the kids.

The kids enjoyed the sun and swimming pools a lot and we had a few nice leisuring days around the park not doing much.

The next few days after his dad got back home with us, we took it easy and we had a nice time around the pool and ventured a bit further to a few local towns.

Canet, was the beach on the otherside of the marina from where we were. 5 minutes drive. There was a lovely vibe and markets and it reminded us of one of the coastal towns where we grow up.

Perpignan was about 25min drive from where we stayed. We did go there on a Sunday, so not too much going on, but still beautiful along the canal.

So sad we only descovered this little fisherman's haven, Collioure (30 min drive) almost on our last few days, but it was lovely and such a splendid day out there. Beautiful market, lovely sceneries and it was just how I imagined coastal France would be.

Read about this castle before we went to France and it was on my must-see-list. Glad we did go and see some of its glory. We could not stay long and only had a few hours there. Would have loved to walk along the river and see more of Carcassone itself, but maybe another time. La Cité reminded me of San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy, which we visited a year ago.

On our journey back, we visited friends in the Midi-Pyrénées area near Laguépie. The last 30 minutes of the journey towards where they stayed, was just amazing. Windy roads through vineyards, farms and beautifulness. We saw a part of France that we'll definitely go back to. Wish we had more time to just discover and enjoy, but next time.

I just fall in love with the lovely French windows ....

and all the colours .....

but did not managed to finish my projects, but hope that I will be able to get some time next week, when the kids are back at school and I got rid of my cough and cold.

For now there is washing piles that needs my urgent attention.

Hope to get them sorted soon.



  1. Hi Carina, thank you for the lovely comment on my London Mummy blog.

    Your French holiday photos are fabulous and as for the cakes you made for your children - wow :)



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