10:56 AM Saturday, January 29, 2011

I want to give a big THANK YOU to my blogger friend, Angie over at Lemon de Sucrette for passing the Stylish Blogger award to me. It is a pleasure and privilege to receive such a lovely gift.

Now I have to tell 7 things about myself:

1) Favourite person:
My mother who taught me all the skills I have today

2) Favourite colour:
Green (since I can remember this has been my colour!)

3) Favourite day:
Hobby and holidays

4) Favourite place:
Nature and browsing on the internet

5) Favourite food:
Exotic fruits

6) Favourite chocolate:
Lindt or Black & Green

7) Favourite thing(s):
Seeing my kids happy, spending time with my children and my family and being creative!

And I’m passing this award to a few of my favourite blogs, please go and visit to see for yourself:

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Lucy - Attic24
Sara - Tangled Happy
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Ingrid - Wood, wool & stool

I hope to get back into posting more soon.

Carina x

[Goodbye 2010 :: Hello 2011]

4:59 AM Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.


Can’t believe we’re saying goodbye to 2010 – had so much planned for this past year. A lot of things happened, changed, but in between I had some time for creative things as well.

Happy 2011 !!!