One of my little girls school friend's had her 3rd birthday party in October.   I could not be there, but did take a photo of the cake and cupcakes before I send it.

The princess was very chuffed with her purple cake and princess cupcakes.


Here is some pictures of Kian's 6th birthday cake.    He wanted a cars theme chocolate cake for his birthday.


On the same day a school friend of mine's little girl had her 3rd birthday party which we have been invited too, so it was extra special to take some phodies as well.

I loved the way the cake turned out!    Johannita did an awesome job by decorating and styling her house for this little 3 year old princess.     It looked amazing.

Think this little princess had an awesome birthday.  Glad we could be part of it.

Gideon's Christening

4:45 AM Thursday, January 5, 2012

A lovely friend of mine asked me if I would cater for her little boy's Christening in October last year.

I loved preparing for this and seeing the end result.  I only had time to take pictures of the card, carrot cakes, cupcakes and fruit sticks - too busy helping in the kitchen.   

She had a friend taking pictures for her, so luckily I was off the hook on this one.

Babyshower for a sister

12:18 AM Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To be in your child's memories tomorrow, be in his life today.

I had the lovely opportunity to help with my sisters babyshower in September last year.   It was suppose to be a surprise babyshower, but it did get out on the morning.   But it did not make a difference then, especially as this was their 2nd child to be born.

They new it was going to be a boy, so it was great and I've decided to have it all green and blue as this was also her theme for the nursery. 

Here is some photos of the special afternoon.   

Thank you to our brother ( who took these lovely photos.

To help them with names, every guest had to write one Italian baby boy name on these blackboard pins and we hang this as part of the decorations in the room. 

More of last years events to follow soon.
Have a lovely day.

Carina x

A little behind

6:34 AM Monday, January 2, 2012

'You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream' 
CS Lewis

With a new year comes bigger challenges and opportunities.   
Beat the challenges and grab the opportunities.  
Lose the pains and keep the memories - HAPPY NEW YEAR!  

... as the last few months of 2011 just seemed to whizz away and blogging time just got behind,
I've decided to try and blog about each of my cakes/events that I worked on the last few months and to keep this up to date for 2012!!!!   

So I'll try and make up for my backlog in the next 2 weeks.   

Have a lovely holiday.

Carina x